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Download Kievit

Our brand font

The cxpartners brand font is Kievit. This is available in many different weights, though we recommend using just two: Book and Black. These two weights contrast each other well and, with a good typographic scale, can give a page a clear hierarchy.

fig. weights of kievit

Kievit has many weights, though we recommend using just Book and Black.

Typographic scale

It’s important to use a simple typographic scale to ensure there is a clear hierarchy to a web page, keynote presentation, or printed document.

fig. typographic scale

Example of the typographic hierarchy designed for the new cx website

Typography tips

Fig. typography tips

Don’t introduce other fonts. It weakens the cx brand and does not look good.

Fig. typography tips

Don’t use too many different font weights or styles in one document or page. Try to stick to 2 weights/styles if possible.

Fig. typography tips

Do ensure that the leading/line-spacing is sufficient - not too too tight and not too spacious.

Other fonts

We do not expect Kievit to be used for designing wireframes in web-based tools like Axure, or for creating Google Docs. In these scenarios, please use Helvetica or Arial.

Fig. Arial use example

An example of Arial being used in a cx Google Doc online