If you need any help or have a suggestion, contact a member of the graphic design department


Download all images

The cx photo library

Available to download as a zip. Also available in the shared cxpartners toolkit folder.

Imagery grid

When to use cx images

Use cx photos to add visual interest and context to a presentation or document. They are deliberately muted in tone to make them attractive companions rather than the focus of attention.

How to use cx images

Don’t be afraid to be bold

You can overlay text on top of cx images, as long as it’s legible. Try using a 40% opacity overlay to darken the image and then using white type.

Give them some space

Whether you use cx images or externally sourced photos, make sure your images have space to breathe. For more examples see the cx document templates.

What not to do

Please don’t manipulate cx photos in any way, beyond adding an overlay.

Don’t make cx images black and white

If you do this, bad things will happen.

Using non-cx images

Try to get hold of the best quality image you can get. Whenever possible, look for images with a similar composition and quality to the cx images.

To avoid

If in doubt, get in touch with the visual design department, who will be happy to help.

An example of what not to use