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Your signature

Your signature should be short and give all the information the reader needs: your name, what you do, how to contact you, and any further info (through a link to the cxpartners website).

Additional information such as blog posts, Skype details, or twitter usernames can be put in your signature, but prioritise this additional information so the signature is in a logical order.

The addresses and small-print at the bottom of the signature are a legal requirement in the United Kingdom, so please do not remove these.

Email signatures are formatted in plain text to ensure consistency and ease of us across all applications, operating systems, and devices.

Copy & paste the email signature above into your mail software on all devices.

Sending emails

The basics

Here’s how your emails from @cxpartners.co.uk addresses should be formatted.

Formatting your text

Your email text should be set in Arial, 13pt, Black.

Arial is a system font on most devices, so it won't be substituted by an inappropriate font. If readers want smaller or larger text they can zoom in or out on their device.