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Download colour swatches

Colour palette

The cx colour palette has been designed to be distinctive and functional. Please use these colours as the core palette in your documentation.

Light and dark colour proportions

It's important that the cx colours are used in their correct proportions, to create either a light or dark feel.

Fig. light colour wheel


The light proportions are used when information is being presented, e.g. a blog post on the website, keynote slides showing time/cost estimates.

Fig. dark colour wheel


The dark proportions are used mainly to create a bold or emphasised feel, e.g. website homepage, title slide in keynote.

How to use these colours

supporting pic

Use the blue and orange sparingly - they are highlight colours and should only be used to add emphasis.

supporting pic

Ensure a good contrast. Only use orange for text if it’s at least 18px or 14px bold. Never use orange text on the cx bg grey.

supporting pic

Avoid clashing colours - don't use blocks of blue and orange within the same element.

supporting pic

On the website blue is used for links, however in documentation you can use it for titles or to add emphasis.

supporting pic

Keep colours flat and avoid gradients.

supporting pic

Consider the overall balance of colours on the page to ensure that blue and orange has not been overused.

Print-only colour

We have introduced a print-only colour to the palette to be used for complex print documents only.

This colour should only be used as a last resort when the cx blue, cx orange, and cx grey have been used.

For example, this print-only colour could be used for a quaternary colour in complex experience maps.

cx Print-only #7fb733

An example of the quaternary colour used in a large print document where all other cx brand colours are in in use.

Installing system swatches

Within the colour swatches zip file, you will find a system palette zip file. This will install the cxpartners brand palette into your OS X Colour Picker, allowing you to use the cx colour palette in most OSX applications.

To install the system colour swatches, do the following:

  1. Extract the system palette zip file
  2. Open up a Finder window, press cmd-shift-g, and type in ~/Library/Colors
  3. Drag the system palette contents (cxpartners.clr and NSColorPanelSwatches.plist) into this window
  4. Open up the colour picker in an application such as Keynote, press the 3rd tab, select ‘cxpartners’ in the Palette dropdown, and you will see the cxpartners brand palette.

The brand palette will be in the 3rd tab of the colour picker